Mid-Continental HEMA Open

Fri, July 12 2019, 9:00 AM - Sun, July 14 2019, 3:00 PM [MST]

1355 12th Street, Denver, CO, 80204, United States




1. Select Seats

2. Review and Proceed

Teen Steel Longsword - Full Registration Partial Approval -$25.00

Sales end on -07/14/2019

Teens will not need to pay for base registration to participate in this event. * Parent, guardian/coach must be actively present at the tournament and sign additional documentation. If no parent/guardian, then coach must bring written permission. Steel rated loaner gear will be available.

Base Registration - REQUIRED Partial Approval - $75.00

Sales end on -07/07/2019

Required to participate in any events. Must be 18+ or have a legal guardian/parent on site. T-SHIRT IS *NOT* INCLUDED IN REGISTRATION

Open Longsword Partial Approval -$25.00

Sales end on -07/14/2019

Open to all participants, including attendees participating in other tournaments at MCHO.

Women's Longsword Partial Approval - $15.00

Sales end on -07/14/2019

Beginner's Longsword Partial Approval -$15.00

Sales end on -07/14/2019

Has to have participated in less than 3 tournaments previously, and never made it to the top 8 in any of them.

Steel Saber Partial Approval - $15.00

Sales end on -07/14/2019

Sabers will be supplied for this event.

Longsword Skill Course Partial Approval -$10.00

Sales end on -07/14/2019

Think of a tactical shooting course. Now, think of that while using a longsword, and you have an idea of what we're going for.You want to do this - trust us.

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Event Information

Fri, July 12 2019, 9:00 AM - Sun, July 14 2019, 3:00 PM [MST]

About the Event

The Mid-Continental HEMA Open (MCHO) is a HEMA event focused on the competitor experience.

Features of the event will include:

  • No longsword event limit! If you qualify for all 3, you can participate in all 3.
  • No time-based afterblow. To score a clean hit, you need to withdraw from the exchange.
  • Everyone moves on to eliminations! Had a shit pool? That's ok - you still get another chance.
  • A full 3 minutes of potential fencing for each match. No more clock running while the judges do complex math.
  • No need to volunteer! The event aims to let you do what you came to do - have a great time, not work.
  • An easy train ride from the airport to downtown, where the venue is! No need to rent cars or complex pick up situations. A CHEAP train ticket right from the airport will take care of you.
  • Skills Course. Think of a tactical shooting course. Now picture that with a sword. Now think about how much fun that is.  Multiple it by 12.

Cancellation policy

Can cancel up to the week prior with 100% refund.

If cancelling in the week prior, you will be refunded everything less $50.

Event Location

About the Organizer

Denver Historical Fencing Academy is dedicated to bringing HEMA to people from all walks of life together in a welcoming, familial environment, while using modern training paradigms to accelerate student development.